​I am SHOPEIN, Tolulekan Abayomi. I was born into a Christian home but it was not a pedestrian to my salvation. When I was in primary school, I was very dull- trust me that’s an understatement. It was to the extent of being unable to comprehend anything. I didn’t know how to read or write. It was so serious that I didn’t know how to spell or write my name. My father would every day, after morning devotion teach me how to read and write using the bible and most times he beats me out of frustration that all his effort towards ensuring that I was able to read and write were to no avail. As if that was not enough, I was engaged in a lot of ungodly behaviors. As a result of this, he sometimes threatened to terminate my academics and send me to the mechanic village if care is was not taken.  Despite all these, my parents never gave up on me as they prayed for me daily to change.
Due to my bad character coupled with my inability to comprehend, my father sent me to a public school for my Junior secondary school class making me the only child in the family to ever attend a public school. Despite this action taken by my father to curtail me from my ungodly behaviours, it never served as a lesson for me. I got myself more engrossed into exhibiting bad behaviours in school. Since I was always unserious, I always had bad results (21st position, 22nd position and 31st position)
When I got to JSS 3 the Lord met me through a friend of mine IWABI GABRIEL who was the then Head boy of the school. He preached the gospel to me, told me about Jesus Christ, his coming, the punishment due to sinners and the rewards for the saints. Tears filled my eyes as he urged me to give my life to Jesus Christ. I acknowledged my sins before God that day and Gabriel prayed with me. As we prayed for the salvation of my soul, I asked God to give me wisdom, knowledge and understanding and while praying, I felt a heavy load lifted off my shoulders. There and then, the Spirit of the Lord bears witness with my spirit that I am now a child of God (Rom. 8vs.16). Gabriel taught me how to pray, read and meditate on the word of God. I discovered that the more I read the bible the more I was able to comprehend whatever I read. With this I started performing well in class (Joshua 1 vs. 8). After some days, I joined Gabriel in preaching the gospel in school to other students (Acts 1 vs 8). Trust me brethren, this was the turning point of my life (2Corinthians 5 vs. 17).
My results in school after I was saved were excellent. I took the 3rd and 2nd positions in my class in the 1st and 2nd terms respectively in JSS 3.
Note: That was the period I gave my life to Jesus Christ
 My parents were amazed at this tremendous change. This gave me the boldness to continue preaching the gospel, draw people closer to God and tell them what God can do.
My father having seen this astonishing change took me to a private school for my senior secondary school. God continued using me greatly as I grew in him. I was able to draw people to Christ through my testimony. The Lord has also used me greatly in the academic affairs of many students as most of them came back to share their testimonies with me. When graduating from secondary school, God made me an individual to reckon with, graduating as one of the best ten students in the school.
I didn’t know that was just the beginning of my exploits for Christ. During my undergraduate days, the Lord used me to touch lives most especially academically using that as a channel to draw students closer to God. Graduating from the university, I graduated with a first class and not just a first class but as the best in my department coupled with four additional awards in all. The Lord always tells me that “this is the least of what I can do if you keep submitting yourself to me”, that means he can do more (Ephesians 3 vs. 20).
Brethen are you in distress or you think all hope is lost? The Lord is beckoning on you today if only you can give your life to Him. The Lord is ready to help you (Isahia 54 vs 1-2). We are not saved by the words/preachings of our pastors but by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, the mercy of Jesus Christ and by the Grace of God. Tap in to that grace today. God bless you.
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