“And when he was come nigh, even now at the descent of the mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works that they had seen” (Luke 19:37)
The text above is an extract of Luke 19:30-37 which accounts for Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem which we know today as “Palm Sunday”. The focus of this article isn’t on the event but on what came before the event. Jesus Christ knew that something had to take place for the scripture to be fulfilled; he had to ride on a colt. In the full text, Jesus asked his disciples to go to a certain place to get him a colt. He told them the state of the colt which he said ” was tied” and also “unused” and added that if any man asked why the colt was being loosed they should answer “the master hath need of it”.
We don’t know how long the colt had been tied there but when Christ needed it, he asked for it to be set free and what followed next was glory. When he was making an entrance, people around him spread their wrappers and leaves on the ground for the colt to step on. That means, while the the colt was carrying Christ, he was honored. Glory came to both characters which is why we can discuss them today.
The question I’ll be posing at you is, ” who do you carry?” because the one you carry determines the content inside of you. Taking a look at the Old testament, we realise that men of old were not ordinary men and what differentiated some from others was based on “what they carried” which came about due to “who they carried”. Because Moses carried God, there was a difference in his life. Because Elijah and Elisha both carried God, there were things they did which ordinary men couldn’t do. Because Esher carried God, some protocols were broken on her behalf. Because Joshua carried God, he was able to lead Isreal to the promised land and because David carried God, he was operating in a different realm. When the spirit of God fell upon Saul when Samuel first told him he would become king, he began to prophesy. That was something he couldn’t do on a normal day but when God’s spirit departed from him, it was replaced with another and the honor he had earlier experienced was stripped off him.
To carry God is to be a carrier of his presence and where the presence of God resides, things happen. To carry God is to be his dwelling temple, his place of abode. To carry God is to be like the colt who allowed Jesus use him. To carry God is to stand out and glorify him in your works. To carry God means to be a replicate of everything he stands for. That is, dominion, power, multiplication, increase and access other blessings of the father.
How to carry God? The first step is to accept him as your Lord and Savior and maintain a fellowship with him. Allow the Holy Spirit help you. He alone can help you walk this journey. Also, flee from sin. God bless you as you make up your mind yo carry him today.

By Esther Akintola

Who you carry has to do with your identity. It has an effect on what you possess and what you are made of. Today, choose to carry God alone. Be his safe abode. Let him use you and watch things happen in your life. Not subscirbed to this website yet? Why not? Not following our social media pages yet? Follow on facebook: facebook.com/gospelarenagl, twitter and IG @gospelarenagl.