Revelation 2 and 3


Has the thought of God holding grudges against people ever ran through your mind? What could God possibly have against you? The Bible makes us understand that there are times when God has something against us. In the Book of Revelation, God through his servant, John, revealed things to come and what would happen on the last day. The first three chapters focus on God’s letters to the seven churches. Why did God write to them? Well, since He wasn’t pleased with them, He definitely had something(s) against them.


The letters were written to the angels at the Church in Ephesus, Symrna, Sardis, Thyatira, Philadelphia, Pergamos and Laodiceans. God was talking to each of them on several things. When the letters were read out, they were initially commended. He told them about their service to him and expressed his delight, then He mentioned that their service wasn’t perfect yet, it wasn’t complete. This makes us understand that we could be working for God yet not walking with Him. Judas Iscariot was a disciple of Christ yet he fell. This was because he had a secret sin which the enemy got hold of and used against him.


God told one of the churches that she was neither hot nor cold but lukewarm and He would spill such one. He told another that she held unto the doctrines of the Nicolatians. He accused another of allowing a woman named Jezebel to lead people astray. These people were fervent in their various services to God yet He had a thing or two against them.


The reason why He revealed this was so they don’t miss their reward or serve Him in vain. In Rev 3:19, we’re told that “whoever God loves, He chastens”. What he did to the churches was out of love not hatred. He didn’t start by condemning them or making them feel so dirty, He first acknowledged them and told them where they had missed it.


Today, God is doing the same. He is talking to believers who are yet to walk before Him. Ones who still worship Him yet dine with sin. He’s saying He has that against you and is chastening you because He loves you. You might want to justify yourself by saying God hasn’t addressed any letter to you but what about His Word? The Bible is a mirror that reveals who we truly are. Constant study of the Word helps us to know what and where to improve on. Why don’t you ask Him too? If you’re really passionate about serving Him faithfully, why don’t you just ask, “Father, what have you against me? Reveal to me so I may repent”. He isn’t a wicked Father and would definitely answer. It’s better to know here on earth than to face condemnation on the last day.


By Esther Akintola.


What hath God against you? Don’t delay in asking Him.

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