I was born into a Christian home and therefore knew there was a God. I didn’t have Him, I didn’t know Him, I didn’t even know He could be my father and friend. All I knew was that He existed and that He was probably up in the sky which made me admire Him (don’t laugh at my naiveness). Soon I got to mingle with friends in school and I stopped admiring the God in the sky and started doing things the way I wanted. But then, it got to a point that life became annoying. I was frustrated things were not going well at all, chains of addiction held me bound, lies were used to cover up lies, things just didn’t make sense anymore. It was then, that I remembered the God in the sky. Well, by that time I already knew He was not in the sky but in heaven. I desired Him, I wanted Him to change my life, I wanted Him to be my friend but I didn’t know how to go about it until one day when I came across someone’s salvation experience on facebook and that was the beginning of my deliverance. I sent her a message and told her I needed help, that I wanted God. She prayed with me and gave me some bible verses to read. I then started to follow the law, I failed to realize that salvation is through Jesus and not through the law.. The more I tried to follow the law, the more I failed.

On one God-orchestrated day, August 24 of that year.

Oh! What a sweet day

God found me

He picked me

He broke the chains that held me bound

He washed me

He clothed me

He drew me close

And placed in me a BURNING HUNGER.

The search to know Him began, I began to read spiritual books and I got baptized in the Holy Ghost. He became my friend, He became my father, He speaks to me, He leads me and guides me. I have failed some tests but He is ever faithful. He keeps grooming me.


I am Ajayi Taiwo Odion. I love God and He loves me more.



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