Romans 6:1-22, Hebrews 4:15-16, Romans 10:3
If there is any topic trending in the Christian world, it is the debate on Grace. There are so many theories, heresies and truth alike being told about grace. Some have used it as an excuse to promote their sinful ways, while others have used it to press farther into the greater works of Christ.

Grace is a provision made by God for a purpose, but as the case with man usually is, corrupted to fulfill their selfish desires. It is not an image to hide behind when u grovel in sin, not a liberty to act freely against the words of God. The word of God never contradicts itself, the understanding of man does that. How then can we indulge sin and call the name of God leisurely.

It is true that no man can serve God of sheer will and passion, we only need to look at the men of old to see this. Even the word of God says the ‘righteousness of man is like rags before God. The grace we’ve received however is that the righteousness of Jesus be replicated in us through our belief in his sacrifice.

Among other truth, Grace is an enablement to live according to God’s high standards and/or to recover when we fall short of this standard. This is why to an unbeliever, a life free of lust, greed, carnality seems impossible. Upon salvation however and the reception of grace, all we need to do is rely on grace while making efforts to abide by the commandments of God. Suddenly addictions fade away, interest in worldly things is lost

Grace is the revelation of God’s love in our lives, regardless of how undeserving we are. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ was grace in itself, as we were lost, undeserving and without knowledge of what was happening. Grace clears our past records of sin and requires no payment for them.

Grace however isn’t an all-you-can-sin buffet as Christians assume it is these days. John 15:5 describes how we’re expected to dwell in Christ and bear his fruits. Sin is not one of the fruits of Jesus Christ or the kingdom of God. Sin is a fruit of the devil and and dwelling in sin is an evidence of a branch cut off from Christ. So many believe they can get away with sin because they aren’t perfect and are only human. We have received the grace to be perfect in Christ and live perfect lives through him. For it is not us that lives but Christ in us. Christ cannot live in you and you’ll consistently flirt with sin.

Grace is an enablement to please God which man was incapable of doing of his own volition before, any other utilisation of grace is an abuse of it, one with dire consequences.

May God grant us the wisdom to properly utilitise the grace he has given us.

Good morning
Hassan Salami