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“If you ask me, I’d say you are proud. Too judgemental, too confident, you think you are better than everyone else and you aren’t! I don’t know why you feel so big and pompous.” Jema looked at her with pity. She still didn’t understand what was making her smile.
“Well, Jema, if I am right, I think you said you would say all of this if I asked you? I don’t remember asking you.” Leah shrugged. “But if you must know why I feel so confident and big, well, I have Jesus. So I have it all, and that is enough to feel the way I feel, and not remorseful or subservient like you. I have a right to be proud.”
“That’s not what…,jeez!” Jema sighed. She placed her palm slightly on her forehead. She was clearly tired. “You know what? Just forget it. You are helpless. I just pray it is not too late when you finally get it right.” She took her bag and stood up. Then she looked at the rest of the group who had been silent all along. “See you later girls.”
The girls were shocked that someone could finally stand up to Leah, their lead sister in the teenagers’ church. The whole place was quiet for several seconds after Jema left.
“I have no idea if you girls think the same way, but I need you girls to understand that the Bible already affirmed that you own all things, you have been given all things through Christ Jesus, so you should bask in them, in the confidence, in the allure and gifts you were given. You owe it to nobody to be remorseful about anything. God has given you the power to succeed and dominate the earth. That is what you should do instead of hiding behind the scene.”
‘Was this the kind of ‘confidence’ that Jesus Christ wanted us to have when he gave us all things? The kind that makes you feel superior? The kind that makes you feel better than anybody that is not you?’ Bay was burning inside of her but she couldn’t say anything. She wished she had some guts like Jema. Maybe she did, but she felt she couldn’t speak to a leader who knew more than she did.
“We were given the power to dominate the earth, not our fellow sisters.” Daph spoke slowly. “I think Jema is right. The fact that you are a leader…,”
“I am not talking about leadership. I am talking about Christianity…,” Leah couldn’t believe how insensitive and ungrateful these sisters are.
“The fact that you are a Christian doesn’t mean you should exalt yourself far above what you are.”
“I am like my Father! I am like Jesus, even Col 2:10 makes us understand that ‘for in Him we are complete’, so should I not bask in..,”
“Did Jesus ever dominate?”
“Yes!” Leah scoffed! “You ladies don’t read your Bibles! I keep saying it! Take me for example! I read my Bible every day so I know so many things in there. If you read your Bible, Daph, you’d know that Jesus dominated demons and He even casted out devils.”
“Are we demons, Leah? Are we devils?”
“No…, you are disciples…,”
“According to my own Bible, Jesus served His disciples, He didn’t dominate them.”Shaine shrugged.
Leah looked around at all her sisters and saw how they saw her. “Do you all really think I am proud? I am not! I feel terrible that you are all insensitive and ungrateful! After everything I have done..,”
“If you don’t think you are proud, then indeed, you are proud.”Daph spoke again.
“Do you guys even know what you are talking about? Do you even know a proud person?”
“A proud person is one who isn’t teachable. That is not a quality of Jesus, is it?”
Leah shook her head, “But what could I possibly learn from you guys? I am the leader of this group!” She defended.
“Well, that is the point they are trying to make, Leah.” A voice spoke from behind.
They hadn’t noticed that their matron had been listening to them all the while. She had stumbled on Jema when she was rushing out.
“You didn’t become a leader because you merited it, Leah,” she continued. “The knowledge of all that Christ has done and has made us come into definitely should and will cause a confidence. However, that confidence isn’t one that brings about pride or lack of a spirit that can’t be taught. It brings about humility because you realize that all these things that you were given were not deserved at all.” She walked further into the small hall, approaching the gathering of nine ladies.
“Any of these people seated here, Bay, Daph, Shaine, Jasmine, all of them could have been selected as the leader of this group, so I think they have the right to speak and contribute to every decision made without you making them feel like your idea or opinions are the best or most superior.” She placed her left arm around Leah and faced the seated girls.
“Ladies, next time, you don’t treat this kind of issue this kind of way, okay? When you see an aspect in which a leader is lacking, you should allow one person speak to the leader in question privately first. Surely, even with these shortcomings, she is very excellent in several other salient characteristics. Respect her for that. Is that alright?”
They chorused. “Yes ma’am!”
“And Leah, never ever forget this, the knowledge of Christ should bring us humility, not pride. Except if you think you can die on the cross.”

By Abiola Okunsanya

The knowledge of Christ should make you humble not proud. Also, for you to walk with the Holy Spirit, you need to be flexible. That means you need to be teachable. A proud and arrogant person cannot learn from the Lord. Follow us on social media for more edifying posts (facebook.com/gospelarenagl, Twitter and IG: @gospelarenagl). Make sure to subscribe to this website too.

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