It’s easy to get distracted with your walk with God. You get busy with work and hardly utter a word to him. You get busy with school activities and forget to study the Word. You even get busy you don’t fellowship with him.
Note that this article isn’t saying it’s wrong to work for God but when it replaces your walk with God, then something is wrong. I am in so many Christian Associations in school and online and some times, after attending series of meetings, I discover that I have not even said anything to God that day.
“Your work should not replace your walk”
All these activities drain one’s spiritual growth. You get confused because your busy life is now louder than God’s voice, leading and direction, and you get frustrated.
WHAT TO DO? Take a break
Whenever you discover that something is really eating up your time, eating up your fellowship and derailing your walk with him, then it’s time to take a break.
Actually, you are not meant to wait till you get to the point of frustration or confusion before taking a break. Occasionally, take a break.
SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK: If it’s social media that consumes your time the most, you could take three days off your phone, seven days, etc. You will discover a lot that you haven’t in a while.
FOOD BREAK: (Lol) You see, it’s good to fast once in a while. Spend time with God, enjoy yourself in His presence. It could be for a day, just make maximum use of the time with God. Don’t worry you won’t die.
WORK BREAK: You could take a leave from work if possible. You know, just to make sure it is you and God.

Reflect on your walk with God. Remember how you started, days you hungered for him, read Christian literatures, listened to sermons and spent quality time with him. Remember those times and retrace your steps.
Spend time studying God’s word
Listen to sermons and songs
Listen to God.
You will find yourself back on track, I assure you. Do not forget to come to God in total surrender and honesty. If you don’t seek Him with a sincere heart, you won’t find Him.
I wish you the best in your break

By Taiwo Ajayi

We all need a break once a while; a moment to refresh in God’s presence. You don’t have to wait till it’s late before you take this break. You could even make it a weekly routine, anything to stay focused on Christ. Follow us on our social media pages for more edifying posts (, Twitter and IG: @gospelarenagl). Don’t forget to subscribe to this post too.