“But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway”.

1 Corinthians:9:27


After believing and receiving the life of Christ, it’s not all that there is. There’s what we call spiritual education. We consistently educate our human spirit until its subjected to the Holy Spirit indwelling in us. Why? As much as we are now a new creation,the old man will still want to put us on. But thanks be to God who always gives us victory…. This is why apostle Paul urge us to reckon (see, acknowledge) ourselves that we are now dead to sin.


We must constantly bring our body under subjection. We put it in control. Before we became Christians, we had no control over this sinful nature but now we have control over it. It’s why we must constantly put in under subjection. Paul urges us to put it back to where it belongs through the power of the Holy Ghost in us by seeing ourselves as a being free from the control of the old nature. We can do all things through Christ!


In addition, IT IS NOT GOD’S DUTY TO HELP YOU PUT YOUR BODY UNDER SUBJECTION. This is where many Christians get it wrong. For example, one might expect the lustful urge of masturbation to flee the days they receive the life of Christ and they want their old ways and acts to suddenly disappear after believing. It doesn’t work that way. Your old acts are birthed by nature. Now that you have a new nature in Christ, you subject your body to the leading and instructions of the spirit within so that your new nature in Christ can produce the fruits in Christ. It’s God’s divine idea that the Holy Ghost comes to reside in you after Salvation. It is your duty to continually take instructions from the spirit and consider yourself dead to the old nature of sin.


The emphasis I lay here isn’t to continue in sin and still claim that you’re a Christian, NO!. What I mean is that you depend on the power of the Holy Ghost in you to FULLY change you; till Christ be fully formed in you. Put your body under subjection. It’s why Paul teaches that we continually present our body a living sacrifice unto GOD… (Romans 12). Consistently crucify the flesh and its lust. If the old acts disappear by default after Salvation then Paul wouldnt have told us to crucify the flesh.


You’re a Christian; depend on the Holy Ghost as you live daily



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