Elijah will forever be regarded as one of the greatest prophets of his time. He was fearless andconfident of the power which God had given him. He boldly confronted Kings (1Kings17:1,18:18,21:20-21,2Kings1:10), had a contest against 450 and 400 prophets of Baal and Asherah respectively to prove God’s omnipotent power (1Kings 18:1-40) and even withheld rain for the whole ofSamaria for years until he gave the word(1Kings 18:41-45). Despite the signs and wonders done through him, he began to grow weary after Jezebel threatened to kill him and he ran to Mount Sinai (1Kings19:1-8).
We know Mount Sinai to be an iconic place in the Bible; it was where God showed himself as thunder, lightning and smoke to Moses the prophet. Elijah, knowing this may have expected the same thing from God and must have received the shock of His life when God wasn’t in the wind, earthquake, or fire but rather in a voice so small and fragile He had to be spiritually alert in order to hear it(1Kings 19:11-12)
From that point, it is safe to say that Elijah had a new encounter or rebirth of the Holy Spirit as there were no more mighty deeds but instead more of the trainings of Elisha into being a man of God. This story lets us know how important the still small voice of God is. Most Christians of today hardly want to wait and hear the small voice of God. We want results and we want it then and now which is why we may keep getting disappointed with God.
Patience is a virtue that once had, unlocks the door to greater blessings. Elijah could have cried out in anguish when he didn’t hear God in any of those elements. He could have questioned God on why He was not answering as fast as He used to but he waited. He continued to seek His voice.
Another thing we can learn from the story is that Elijah definitely had his “spiritual” ears opened. If he didn’t, he probably wouldn’t have known that God was in the still small voice and not in the louder signs and wonders. As Christians, if we want to grow, we need to ask for the Spirit of discernment. The only way one can grow in God is if one continues to *constantly* seek God.
Fasting, praying daily and constant meditation on God’s word are ways in which we can grow in Christ. Our lives should be one of constant prayer so much so that actions taken even as we rise from our personal altars should be one that reflects the glory of God.
Lastly, Elijah wasn’t swayed by the loud noises. He didn’t let them distract him. As Christians, let us not allow the busy schedule of our lives to make us deaf to the still small voice of God. As much as possible we can even try to pause during our busy day to give at least 10 minutes to pray or to just worship God
The key to activating the blessings of God is to always and forever listen to the still, small, almost imperceptible voice of God. His voice can never ever be wrong. His voice can never fail us. I pray that this word of God will not leave our hearts and that His name alone will be glorified in Jesus name.

By Chiamaka Dike

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