“A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”



It’s our own gifts that makes room for us not another’s. It makes room for HIM. If anyone apart from Him is in the room, he might be in the wrong place.

Many have resolved to live in another person’s room. It’s either they’re too lazy to fan their gifts to flame or they don’t know that they’ve been divinely endowed with something capable of setting them on the pinnacles of  life and destiny. Apart from the truth that your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great men, it will produce a sense of fulfillment in you. You’ll always derive joy knowing that you’re not living a life outside of your natural ability and gifting. People don’t struggle to make impacts in life when they’re in their own rooms. Stop scouting in another person’s room. Your room is waiting for you if you fan your gift to flame.


The gift of a man makes room for the man alone not with company. The room I’ve been referring to in this context is the accomplishments, advantages and life’s goodies that discovering your true self will provide for you.  It’s not about the room at first, it’s about the personal fulfilment and joy of not threading on the wrong path in life. As much as we might have natural gifts akin to another person’s, there’s still a uniqueness God has put in us that will make us stand out. You’re a brand of your own. You cannot afford to be running in the lane of another. No one can run on your track like you. A life void of its personal values and natural rhythm will bring frustration in the long run. Even if you’re at the top in another field that’s not yours, you’ll get to the top asking yourself, “is this all? “. That’s the sound of frustration despite being on top.


Many have given up the chance of finding their inner rhythm. They move along with trends and feelings. When they see others excelling in an area, they move towards there. They keep struggling from field to field while their area of gifting lies fallow. They have a good appetite to get to the top but aren’t willing to pay the price. You must never compare your chapter 1 to another person’s chapter 10 in life. Discover your gift. Fan your gift to flame and you’ll progressively move to the top. Your gift will make room for you.

You will emerge!



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