If I had a hundred tongues, 99 of them will be dedicated to thanking God non-stop, for the privilege to have known Him when I did. I will use the remaining one for all that it is left to be used for. That blessed and glorious day I met Jesus, I realized that He had left the ‘99 other sheep and come for me’. He had long been reaching out to me; knocking the door of my heart, but I did not know. I did not know so I did not open up for Him until that day- 9/9 in the year 2005.

I was a 12 year old boy who had been invited by a neighbor of ours to spend 3 days and 2 whole nights in the ugliest place I had ever had to spend a night in. Of course, I did not know the condition of the place until we had arrived there. It was an old dilapidated community secondary school somewhere in Orile Agege, Lagos. The programme I was invited to attend was called “Success Camp”. It was organized by the church which the woman attends. I accepted the invitation because I had just made a wonderful JSCE result in the school I attended but I was going on transfer to another school which I heard was more competitive. I felt the need to reach out to a higher power that will help me maintain this coolness I felt with myself having succeeded in the school I was. It is funny, isn’t it?

Let’s understand together that before that encounter, I had known about Jesus, but I did not know Him. Everyone, especially my Pastor-father, prayerful mother and my big mummy (I lived with her in the 2 years before 2005), had spoken to me about Him. They must have been pressured to ensure that I gave my life to Him because I had fallen short of everything they expected their son to be in character. You know, only Jesus saves and changes a man, humans cannot, so their efforts did not yield results. I think their prayers did instead.

As soon as I got to that camp, I hated everything there. The mosquitos must have perceived that I did not like it there, so they ensured they complicated the situation. Oh my God! I felt like going back home- I would have, if I could. Thank God I could not. We were to watch their General Superintendent’s live broadcast via satellite that evening. I had heard a lot about him, so I wanted to judge if what I heard was so much true, so I tried to pay attention. Then he began to preach about Daniel’s excellent spirit, and at some point, started to teach us how to multiply large numbers very easily. This got me! Exactly why I came… I became humble, and listened more to the pastor talk about Jesus and why youths need Him. Then when he did the alter call, I soberly went forward. I was sober because Jesus had made me realize through the preaching of that man, that I was on the wrong path, and that I really did need the highest power; that I really did need Jesus. I really did need Him not just for the present and childish reason I had, but more importantly, above all other reasons there could be, for the eternal security of my soul. That night, in that ugly tent where the meeting held, Jesus changed my ugly life into a beautiful one. I need to mention that the place became beautiful to me for the rest of the days we spent there (only in my heart though).

From then till forever, my life has been taking upward and forward quantum leaps. I would have regretted if I did not take that chance. My secured life in Jesus has today made me better than my family expected- Jesus beat their imagination. In His name, I heal the sick; preach to others for the transformation of their lives. I excel academically, and I have grace to freely enjoy as additions, the things that even older people who do not know Christ lose their lives chasing after. What makes me happiest is the ability to reflect Christ and live on earth as though I were already in heaven (no worries, no pressures. when they want to arise, I know I have a Father that I can call upon). I return all the glory to Him.


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