I have a voice
Please ignore the noise
I have made my choice
I just want to get a poise
I realise my life is a loan;
It’s not even my own.
For a moment I thought i was wrong
But I felt it for so long.
So strong!
I hear the sound again like a gong.
As many times i delivered for a reason,
You delivered for all season.
I breach and feel like I am off your reach
You bridge: Yea! You make another bridge
All for a connection
 and your will to set on motion.
It has never been about what i reflect
But how every thought and action take effect.
Then You search the veins of my heart…
There You go….You detect
Absolutely, you detect every vain intent.
Beyond my act,
You are about my heart;
Your love then unfolds
So much in your compassion You uphold.
You call me an ‘elect’
You show me the way,You direct.
For all, I’d love to cast my crowns
But nothing less than my golden crowns.
I will do well at lifting hands
But help me to lift holy hands.
Bowing my heart is all I’d long to do
Hence, till eternity I long that its state be true….