I admired the way she preached the word and dissected it. Sis Ope was the welfare director of the youth church and was very beautiful too. This evening she wore a polka dotted peplum blouse with a skirt. I liked her right from the first day she preached. It was apparent that she knew what she was saying.

“You see, I have been jobless for 3 months now but God has been providing in ways I can’t comprehend, that is what God can do when you put your trust wholly in him” she said.

“what! She has no job, I must work this out myself, I will silently look for jobs on her behalf, she has blessed people too much not to have a job” I thought.

After the service I went to greet her

“Hi sister Ope” I greeted

“Hello Bro James, how are you?” she answered

“I really enjoyed today’s bible study o, may God bless you abundantly” I said.

“Amen, thank you ehn, all the glory belongs to God” she said.

She was about leaving when I remembered that I wanted to know her field of study

“Ermmmmm… Sister Ope I wanted to ask you the course you took in school” I said.

“This brother is funny o, why would you want to know?” she asked laughing

“Nothing o, I just want to know” I said smiling.

“Okay then, it’s Law” she replied

“Wow!! Barrister o” I said.

“Funny you, I have to get going now, goodnight brother James” She said as she left.

“Bye!!” I shouted.


One week later

As I was coming back from work, I decided to pass a different route and just as I was three streets away from my house, I sighted a fight scene. I stood to watch from afar as someone came from inside with a bucket of water and poured it on an old woman. I was so upset, “no matter what happened that is an old woman” I thought. The next thing I saw changed my whole system, the person who had just poured the water was sister Ope, I got more interested as I watched on.  Sister Ope insulted this woman from her first generation to her last.

“If you think Christianity is stupidity, you must be kidding, I am not okay at all o” I heard her say.

I almost lost balance.

“What did I just see!” I shouted.

I saw her leave the house and I went after the old woman.

“Mama I am sorry for what just happened “, I said to her.

I engaged her in a conversation and she went on and on telling how sister Ope goes about fighting with both the young and old in the street.

“see my son, whatever you see her do in church is an illusion… She is a different person out of church” she concluded.

I left dejected and started to think.

“To think that I already told my dad who works in the ministry of justice about her unemployment and I was optimistic about she getting a job. Pretty much explains why she must have lost her previous job” I concluded.


Are you a pretender?

Are you a different person in church and a different person at home?

Listen, a Christian must be a Christian at all times, at all places.

A Christian must bear fruits!

That you can preach the word very well is not an excuse not to grow in these fruits. It is the more reason you should grow because you have to live what you preach!

You preach gentleness, meekness, love, etc and you are the complete opposite of that outside the preaching environs… It is bad!

When Jesus comes, will he find you fighting?

Live what you preach!

If you don’t, you will end up disappointing people and God.

You will end up losing opportunities.

You are watched by people.

Do not let the body of Christ be mocked “and she calls herself a Christian” should not be a phrase attached to you.

Break the shield of pretence today!

Grow in the fruits of the Spirit.




The Bible speaks of people who are wolves but appear in sheep clothing. It should never be said that a child of the Most High God is living a double standard life. There are no excuses to justify what you do in the flesh. Dont begin to say thats who I am or anything of such. Youre to submit yourself to the Lordship of Christ and allow him work in and on you so that the fruits of the spirit would have its roots in you and not be destroyed. Not following our social media pages yet, why not? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @GospelArenaGL, Facebook: facebook.com/GospelArenaGL. Do not forget to subscribe to this website too.