TEXT : 2 COR 6 V 14

[14]Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness? (NLT)

Paul’s first warning was Don’t team up. When we look up the meaning of team as a word, it means a group of people engaged in the same activity. Believers and unbelievers have their own activities. It is inevitable for you as a believer not to meet an unbeliever, so what will distinguish you is now your actions. You can have colleagues, friends, families, loved ones that don’t know Christ yet but that doesn’t mean you should abstain from them. Sometimes God can use them to be a blessing to you one way or the other. Your light is meant to stand out and not try to blend in the darkness.

Now let me illustrate using beans:

When you want to cook beans( for those of us that are expert chefs), you first have to pick the beans. Why? To remove the dirt and bad ones. That doesn’t make the beans bad to eat. It’s just a process it has to go through to become the delicious delicacy at the end of the day. Beans contains protein meaning, it builds up the body. Likewise spiritually, the words you hear via any medium build you up also. This is why Paul advises that you should not fully team up with unbelievers because they speak a language that is not in line with the language of God. The language of God is Faith while their language is Unbelief and if there is one thing that displeases God, it’s lack of faith.

So my dear brethren, we have to be careful of what we take  into our spirit man. It is very crucial. That’s why God gave us his word. We are to use it as the standard for the kind of word we are to take in and for those we should disregard.

May God help us all to sieve the beans accurately in Jesus name Amen. Till next time, peace be multiplied unto you.




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