“Who do you think you are?”
“Do you know who I am?”
“We are not in the same class!”

It is funny how I hear this go around a lot of times and there’s only one explanation to the statement – Ignorance. We often forget that we are simply custodians of the very things which we glory in. We have nothing except what is given by God. Everything that we glory in today are things that were GIVEN

‘Given’ in that it was not something you deserved. ‘Given’ in that it was purely, merely a gift. Therefore, the only thing that would make you glory in something that isn’t exactly yours is Ignorance.

How freeing it is to come into the realization that that very thing you think you have isn’t really yours! How liberating it is to discover that there is no point to our pride, selfishness and glorying! Maybe we worked for it, but many a people have worked more than we did but still do not have those things we think we have! Maybe we think we deserve it, but many a people deserve much more the things we have but still do not have them!

So, really, there is no point to your glorying, because it is not about your deserving or your having. How liberating it is to know this fact; that you aren’t so much better than the next person, You have only been given more to keep, and that too, by grace.

I have a friend who woul always quote the scripture 1Cor4:7, What do we have that we have not been given? Little wonder why he is the humblest person I have ever met!

Let’s open the door to freedom, and let us live!