Are not the Rivers of Damascus, Abana and Pharpar not cleaner than any of the Rivers in Israel?’’ (2kings 5:12)

This statement was made by Naaman. He was the General of the Army under the King of Aram but was a leper.  I’m sure Naaman had given up on being healed. No one in the Old Testament was said to have gotten healed of this except Miriam, Moses’ sister and was so because it was a punishment from God but because Naaman was a merciful master, his maid told his wife about a prophet in Israel that could heal him. Naaman got to Elijah but was received by his servant. He sent his servant with the message, ‘’ Go and dip yourself in the River Jordan 7 times’’ and he became angry. Now, Naaman had not understood that God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. If God had said, go and sacrifice a thousand offerings to me or any other big commandment, he wouldn’t have complained. He despised the River Jordan and thought, ‘’of all Rivers?’’. Thank God he finally obeyed else he would have died waiting for a big instruction.

Since we are aware that God can work through any means, the need to have FAITH becomes a necessity for without faith; no one can see the Lord. Faith makes us obedient in little. We deal with a supernatural God who likes to work in supernatural ways, he moves in ways the human mind doesn’t understand and would never understand. Remember the widow of Zarephath? God raised her up to provide a meal for Elijah during the famine in Samaria. One would have thought that having little to eat, Elijah would have asked God if he didn’t know the widow had nothing and her  told Elijah, I don’t have enough, please go elsewhere but faith and obedience satisfied Elijah’s hunger and also provided enough for the widow. What of the man at the beautiful gate? He had been there for 38 years. Had never walked before and had already lost hope in doing so but when Jesus asked him to get up, he did! He didn’t tell Jesus he had never walked before nor cared to know if he would fall while trying to stand up! He got up and received his healing while standing!

This new year, decide to be obedient in little. God doesn’t always demand for big instructions nor works in big ways. Everything he does little or simply instructs comes out big! Make obedience and faith one this year and watch God smash 2018 for you. Happy New Year.



NUGGET: I’d like to believe that God purposely chose Israel to heal Naaman instead of Aram because there was no God there. The people might have gone ahead to worship that River but when it happened in Israel, it was clear it was God’s handwork.

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