Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth; it could also mean self-respect. I have discovered that low self-esteem is common amongst youths or even adults probably because of their background, sexual abuse in the past, academic failure or even bullying. I grew up with a low self-esteem, it wasn’t really evident because of my sanguine nature but it was there. I didn’t see myself as being competent enough for anything.

I remember always waiting for people’s praises whenever I did anything nice and each time I got the opposite, I would almost beat myself up. I’ll sulk over the negative comment and wish I didn’t do the thing in the first place.
The problem was not even my family, the problem was ME. I refused to see the good in me and just wanted others to. I felt good when people said I was and felt bad when they said so.

But now, I have sought for my identity. I have realized how amazing I am even without people’s compliment and so when the compliments come, they only add to what I already know. When I get criticized, I don’t allow it get to me. Although, if it’s something I need to work on, I accept it well.
You may have been a victim of sexual abuse, maybe not even once and now you feel you are nothing, you feel you are only worthy of abuses.
You may be from a family where they never see good in whatever you do. They never tell you how amazing you are but tell you that you never will amount to anything good. And now you feel like a trash! Sometimes, you stand in front of the mirror and ask the image you see if she/he will really ever amount into anything good.

I get you! I do!
But take a deep breath!
Sit down!
Grab a pen and a book and begin to write all the good things about you.
No! I am not telling you to lie because you don’t have to. If you look inward, if you think deep, you will discover the good in you and when you do! Raise your shoulders high and tell yourself those things.

Most importantly, find your identity in Christ.
Do you know what the word of God says you are? It says you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!
Think of who God calls you!
You cannot always please people!
Do what is right and feel great about it! Do not wait for people.
You are amazing, dear reader.
Make a conscious effort towards acknowledging that you are.
God bless you.


Do you lack confidence in your own worth? Do you always think you are not good enough? It is time for you to deal with low self esteem. Find your identity in Christ and feel great about yourself. Follow our social media pages for more edifying contents (, twitter and IG: @gospelarenagl)