They say if someone does not care about you,
Then don’t give a fuss about them too.
But Jesus says nah, you are LOVE
And we don’t act the way the world will do.
They say if someone will not go a mile for you,
Then going even a yard for them means you’re a fool.
But Jesus says You’re more than that BOO,
Love overlooks people’s failings.
You’re LOVE and should never change because of what people do.

LOVE in our world is used to give and take.
If you don’t give me your bread,
Don’t come asking for my cake.
But LOVE in God’s eyes is give and expect not,
He even says we should love those that persecute us.

So God says we love, not because of someone else’s behavior.
We love not because we’re expecting people’s favors,
We love not because that person has something to give us,

Don’t stop loving because of someone else’s failings.
Don’t love because of what you’ll get back,
Love because it’s who you are.

By Samuel Adeleke

God is love and since we are children of his, we need to express his love through our lives. The world already has a definition of love and how it should be practised  but God’s disposition on love should forever be our standard. Follow us on social media to enjoy more edifying contents(, IG and twitter: @gospelarenagl).

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