Jola ruminated over the verse once again. She really couldn’t understand. It was illogical. Unless each one of you turn and become like a child, you cannot see the kingdom of Heaven. She sighed and sat up straight.

She had been lying on the bed she shared with her roommate, Esther. She was alone in the room. Esther had stepped out earlier.


She looked into the bible again, hoping to get a clearer picture this time around. “Lord what does this mean? Show me.”

After several attempts to construe, she finally gave up. She laid her head back on the bed. Just then, her eyes caught the wall clock.

“Oh my God!” She exclaimed, jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. She was definitely going to be late for class.


Esther walked briskly in, surprised that the door was still open. She met Jola dressing. “What are you still doing inside? You are late already!” She dropped her bag on the table beside the make-up kit.


“I lost track of time, Esther.” The panicking Jola finished putting on her trousers and began to button her top.


“You are wearing the wrong side of the dress, take it easy.” Esther wanted to laugh, but her eyes widened instead as if she remembered something. “Wait a minute; don’t tell me you are having Mr Omotanwa’s class?”


“Yes.” Jola’s voice was faint. She was unsuccessfully trying to unbutton the shirt she had worn wrongly.


“Oh my God! You need to hurry!” Esther glanced at her wristwatch. “You are twenty-five minutes late already! By the time you get there..,” she paused and frowned as she saw Jola sit slowly on the bed. “What is wrong with you? Aren’t you supposed to be hurrying?”


“I don’t think going to this class is useful anymore.” By now, she had already begun to cry. “He told us last week that he’d be taking his fifteen mark attendance today.” She wiped her left cheek with the back of her palm.


Esther sat slightly on the table with her arms across her chest. She was livid. “What on earth were you thinking?”

Just then, Enitan, their neighbour’s child, who was roughly four years old quietly pushed the door open and peeped in to see whether the two aunties were still inside. She first saw Esther, so she ran in excitedly with a big doll held to her chest. “Auntie Esther! Auntie Jolade!!” She rushed towards Esther.


Esther lit her face up in a smile and stretched out her arms to embrace the little child. “Arrgh!” She groaned a little. “Big girl! You have grown so big. How are you?”


“Enitan, how was your holiday??” Jolade smiled mildly. She was beginning to accept the fact that she just lost fifteen marks.


“Fine.” Her tiny loud voice filled the room. “Lagos is very big and fine!” Her excitement was evident. Uncle Dami bought this doll for me! She displayed her big doll to Esther and Jolade.


“Wow! It is very fine.” Esther collected it to inspect it.


“He told me that he is going to buy me a very big aeroplane when next I come. He will put it at the airport so that I will be the only one using it. I am so happy! I’ll be flying up in the sky.”


Jola frowned as she watched the little child speak. She knew she was seeing something she couldn’t explain.


“Don’t worry, I will bring the two of you along in my aeroplane, you hear?”


Esther burst into laughter at the ridiculous statement she heard from this baby girl. “It really is good to be a child that doesn’t know anything.”


It dawned on Jola at that point in time. “That’s it.”


“No jor! I am not a small girl. I know something. Uncle Dami said he will buy me an aeroplane and I know he will.”


“That is why I said it is good to be a child. We just believe anything and everything that people tell us without thinking whether or not it can be done. So you think Uncle Dami that doesn’t even have a car will buy you an aeroplane just because he said so?” Esther laughed. She loved exercising her realist view.



Jolade had been quiet all the while. Now it dawned on her what it means to be a child. She realized that that was the verse that sealed everything in the bible. God’s promises have been written and He is ready to do for us whatever we ask. The only way we can receive of those things when we ask is if we believe that he will do it without doubting anything at all, even if the circumstances prove otherwise.


So why don’t you practice it now? She heard in her mind and she closed her eyes.


Lord, I ask that you delay Mr Omotanwa from coming to the class before I get there. I believe and am sure you have done it because your word says that if we ask, we will receive, if we believe. Thank you, Father.


Jola opened her eyes and heaved a sigh. She smiled and stood up. She looked at the time; it was already forty-five minutes into the lecture. “I am going to class, Esther.” She picked up her bag.


“What? By this time? You must be out of your mind.” Esther stared unbelievably.


“He isn’t in class yet.”


“How do you know that?”


“I just know.”


Esther snorted. “Enitan, there’s chin-chin in the fridge, go and take it.” She then turned to Jola. “Omotanwa never goes a minute late to his class.”


That’s true. Jola thought, but shook off the thought instantly. She wasn’t going to be led to unbelief. “I know, but he will, today.”


“You have turned to Nostrademus, abi? How do you know he isn’t in class yet? It is almost eleven o’clock.”


“I have prayed and I have believed. He won’t enter the class until I’m there.”


Esther looked at her derisively and shook her head. “Stop behaving like a child.”


Jola smiled as soon as she was all set. “We’ll talk when I get back.” She walked several steps towards the door and paused as if she remembered something. “Enitan,” she called out. “I’ll play with you when I get back, okay?” She didn’t wait for a response before she headed out.



Jolade walked as fast as she could towards the lecture hall. It was already eleven o’clock. At first, she walked fast, not because she was scared that the lecturer was in class, but because she was worried that he wasn’t in class yet because of her.


She already told her Daddy, who is able to do all things, and she has believed without an iota of doubt, that the lecturer was going to be delayed until she was at the hall.


When she got to the faculty where the hall was situated, she saw Mr Omotanwa’s car parked outside.


She was about to panic when she heard, ‘Like a child.’ She remembered Enitan. The child knew that Uncle Dami didn’t even have a car, talk less of an aeroplane, but she believed anyway, because she thought he could do anything. As she walked past the lecturer’s car, she was past panicking. She had no doubt that God had answered her prayer because He said He would.


As she took the last turn that led straight into the lecture hall, she saw Mr Omotanwa, with his bag, talking to a colleague of his and at the same time, walking at the slowest pace possible towards the lecture hall.


She smiled sheepishly as she greeted and walked past them.


She already figured the secret to believing. She understood what the scripture meant as Mr Omotanwa walked in just right after she settled down.


“Unless you turn and become like these ones(Children), you cannot enter into the kingdom of Heaven.” – Matthew 18:3





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