She knelt down immediately she woke up from the nightmare.

“Lord, please help me. Deliver me from this fear. Take away the spirit of fear from me..,” she cried out loud.

Her roommate who had been fast asleep turned slowly on the bed.

Lade kept on praying. “Lord, if you will, save me from this fear. I’m tired. I am not supposed to be scared of this enemy, but it keeps coming and it keeps..,” the tears that welled up in her throat couldn’t make her continue. She cried out again.


Chioma snuggled under the bedsheets. She knew her roommate had started again. She tried not to be disturbed. It was in the early hours of the morning and Lade was screaming and shouting again.

After trying in futility, she concluded that she couldn’t sleep anymore so she sat up.

“Lade,” she called softly “can you reduce your voice?” She tried to be careful enough not to offend her.


Lade kept on praying. “Lord, loose me from this bondage. Please, loose me!!” She wasn’t listening to Chioma. She wasn’t ready for another round of argument.

Chioma shook her head. “Lade, I dont like the way you disturb my sleep every time with your silliness. When did u hear any occupant in the hostel..,”

“Hey! Just hold it there.” Lade couldn’t contain her disgust. How could her roommate say such a thing? “And you call yourself my roommate?! You could not even ask what is wrong with me. All you are worried about is your sleep. What sort of person are you?” Her eyes sparked fire under the shining 50 watts bulb.


Chioma already knew she’d say exactly that.

“Lade, we both are Christians, and last week, I talked to you about all these things you are doing.” She sighed, putting  her hands on Lade’s shoulders. “We talked about this nightmare last week, didn’t we? What did I tell you?”

“I dont know. Just dont disturb my prayer again.” Lade was nonchalant about whatever Chioma apparently had on her mind.

“Then dont disturb my sleep too with your ignorant prayer.” She angrily removed her hands from Lade’s shoulders and


“Ignorant?? And you call yourself a Christian?!!!” Lade stood from her knees. She couldn’t believe Chioma could say such a thing.


“Yes. You pray prayers that God cannot even answer. It can’t even get to God because it is prayer from folly.”

Chioma had tried talking to her countless times but she just would not listen. She wondered why it was so hard for Lade to understand that a prayer prayed amiss will not get to God.


“You are insulting me? When I’m praying to God, abi?” Lade didn’t want to start a fight. She was just trying to recover from the nightmare she had.


“We both know I’m not insulting you. I’m just saying that there are some prayers we pray that dont get to God because we are praying wrongly, without knowledge. And that’s why most of us so called Christians suffer when we shouldn’t be suffering.” Chioma noticed Lade was eager to hear now.

“How do you mean?”


“You are praying that God should take away the spirit of fear from you, is that a prayer at all? Then you are now capping it with ‘if it is your will Lord..’, like.. Are you normal at all? The bible has said that He hasn’t given to you the spirit of fear but of love, power and of a sound mind, so why are you begging Him to take away what He hasn’t given you in the first place? And begging Him to do it if He wishes. I mean, isn’t it God’s will for us to prosper at all timed even in our soul?” Chioma could see the reason in the eyes of Lade.


“So you are saying that I shouldn’t pray?” Lade folded her arms.


“No, I am saying that you should pray with brain. Pray with the understanding of the word of God. Christians suffer because of these kinds of things. They are unaware of their possessions in Christ Jesus and therefore, they ask God mostly for things He has already given them. They ask for things that is not in accordance to His will.”


“I still do not understand you, Chi.” Lade frowned.


“For example, someone feels sick, and the person says that God should please send down healing if God wills to heal him. Like,” she shrugged, “who does that? Will God answer that sort of prayer? After the bible said that He has sent healing to all man in form of Jesus?”


“Hmm.. True. The person is senseless.” She tightened her lips. “So, what does this have to do with my nightmares and my prayers?”


“You are behaving like the person you called senseless na. Should you even be scared and frightened about one silly nightmare at all?”


“It’s because you didn’t see what I saw.” Lade defended.


“Even if you were scared, what should have been your prayer??”


“Is it not logical to pray for God to loose you from fear?”


“Rubbish!!” Chioma slightly my hit Lade on her head. “You have the mind of Christ, shouldn’t you go like, I refuse to fear. I have a sound mind. No harm shall call near me. I am under the shadow of the almighty and the likes. It is those kinds of prayers that God answers. That way, you are holding God on His own words, not begging Him for what he already gave you. You understand?” She was delighted that Lade was finally listening.


Lade sighed. “Well.” She couldn’t help but admit that Chioma was right.


“That’s the reason Christians suffer. They lack wisdom. Filled with ignorance of their possession in Christ. God even said that people perish for lack of knowledge. Pray the right prayers. Confess the blessings of God on your life, thereby activating it to its potential. You won’t pray amiss if you pray on the word God has said.”


“Hmm.. Thank you.”


“And one more thing!” Chioma adjusted to lie down. “Stop shouting. It is not until all the occupants in the hostel know that you are praying that it gets to the father.” She pulled the bedsheets properly on her body. “Goodnight.”


Lade laughed. She was happy she heard this.

She knelt down once more and prayed. “Lord, I know that you haven’t given me the spirit of fear and you have asked me not to be anxious for anything but pray in your word. I thank you for the spirit of sound mind and love and power begins today to operate in me. I refuse to fear any thing again in the name of Jesus. All my fears are like the uncircumcised Philistine that has been brought down. I am in Christ. The wisdom and mind of Christ is working in me. I live fear-free in the name of Jesus..”

She was confident that her prayers will be answered as she continued without stress this time.

Indeed, like her, Christians suffer because they are ignorant about their possessions in Christ.


Lade made up her mind to always read the word and be sure of her possessions in Christ from that day onwards so she’ll know how to pray and won’t have to suffer for what shouldn’t be suffered for.


By Okunsanya Abiola Shalom (Handzinspired)


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