Many have been caught up in the web of searching for the bone of their bones and the rib of their ribs. The truth is many will keep searching forever until they come to an understanding that they’ve been searching the wrong way. Some even claim to be finding the will of God for themselves – they might up end single forever. For the ladies, many times it’s advisable that you’re lost in Christ such that the brother who’s searching for you can only find you in Christ. Various perspectives and motions can affect your judgement of the ideal man or woman God has for you.

I’ll make this very short as possible. To be sincere, there’s not a particular kind of man or woman that belongs to you. As you read further you will understand me. See, God’s will for you is to marry a CHRISTIAN. Someone you are from the same tribe with, spiritual tribe I mean.

‘’Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?’’ 2 Corinthians 6:14

That’s what God requires of you; to marry from the fold. Marriages thrive well when the husband and wife are from same tribe. I’m not referring to marrying from the same state or ethnic. Christians who marry each other become one irrespective of their biological background.

Now after fulfilling God’s part by marrying a Christian, you can now suit yourself. If you by attraction like a dark lady, marry a dark Christian lady. If your choice is tall, dark and handsome guys, marry a tall, dark and handsome Christian. If it’s a lady with a kind of shape you like, marry one who’s a Christian, lady with hips and boobs? Marry a Christian with the characteristics. Just make sure whatever characteristics of the person you’re marrying or choosing as a partner, he/she must be a Christian, then you’ve fulfilled God’s plan.

At this point of choosing a partner, your emotions must not cloud your judgment. I did say you can marry whoever you want but must be a Christian. However, you must have your DESTINY and PURPOSE in mind. You cannot afford to marry a woman who will be a burden to your destiny and life’s purpose. For example, when looking out for the Christian lady with a big hips and curves, consider your destiny also. Make sure you both have same core values, share the same spiritual perspectives. She cannot believe in giving and tithing while you are against it, there will be conflict. That’s what unequally yoked can be.

Let me tell you two Christians can be unequally yoked together. When their purpose isn’t aligned together there’ll be conflict of vision. One will be attempting to fulfil hers, another to fulfil his. They might not go a separate ways. You don’t look for a partner that suits your profession, look for one that suits your person.

Don’t neglect the place of prayer too. At some point, you might have more than one person with the same characteristics, all Christians, all suit your destiny and purpose yet you must rely on the Holy Spirit who sees the future for help.

In summary, to identify the right person for you,

  1. He/she must be a Christian
  2. Choose the kind of woman/man you’re biologically attracted to.
  3. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement.
  4. Make sure you have your destiny and purpose in view. He/she must be able to help you fulfil purpose and make you a better person. Make sure you share the same core values to a large extent. Make sure your spiritual and financial perspectives are almost the same.
  5. Submit such a person to God for approval.




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