“I have a word for you Miss.” The casually dressed young man called out to Romoke for the fourth time.

“Maybe we should wait and listen to what he has to say.” Lillian pleaded for the third time.

Romoke hated talking to strangers, especially those who claimed to be prophets or pastors by the roadside. She had heard the man in a casual wear call the very first time but she refused to heed to it.

She thought he was one of those guys that wanted to request for her number. It wasn’t until the man said he had a word for her that she realized he was one of those ‘roadside pastors’ she always detested. She had hastened her footsteps and urged her carefree sister to do the same.


“Lillian, nothing good will come out of this man’s mouth. We will just waste our precious time if we stand to listen to him.” Romoke kept on walking.


“At least..,”

“Lillian!” Romoke suddenly stopped and interrupted her. “What is wrong with you?!” She looked and saw that the man was catching up with them. “What if he’s a kidnapper?” she asked


“It’s a busy road, auntie Romi. He cannot kidnap us.” Lillian said with pleading eyes.

“Oh Lord!” Romoke let out in disgust as the man finally levelled up to them. She placed her hands akimbo, looking from her little sister to the stranger. “What can I do for you? I don’t have any money to spare.” she said


Christen smiled politely. “I didn’t run all the way here to ask for money from you, Miss. I am not a beggar.”


“So what did I buy from you without paying?”


Christen wondered why the lady before him was that saucy. Lord, help this lady to listen to what you have to tell her. He prayed in his mind. “I was by the other side of the road when I saw you.” He looked at the lady beside Romoke and nodded out of courtesy to recognize her presence. “I guess she must be your friend.”


Romoke laughed and clapped her palms together. “Friend?” She looked at Lillian. “You see! I told you!! If this man cannot see that you are my sister, an already obvious fact, how then can he have a word for me?”


“Ohhh! Just listen to him already, auntie Romi.” Lillian was frustrated by her sister’s attitude. She knew their family wasn’t the religious type, but they still go to church, so she wondered where her sister got the disdain for pastors and prophets from.


“Well, the Lord spoke to me about you.” Christen started again slowly. He decided to ignore her attitude.


“That I am your wife, abi?” Romoke laughed mockingly. She glanced at her wristwatch and pretended she was gravely late even if the wristwatch she was putting on wasn’t working. “Mr Preacher, you know what?” She opened her bag and took out her purse. “I am going to give you…,” she brought out a one thousand naira note. “Here. Have it. Use it to get something for yourself. And please, get a new job. You are too fine and prim for this trash you are into.”


“The Lord asked me to be careful of..,” he realized he was saying the wrong thing entirely. He felt embarrassed and that made him unable to construct a proper sentence. He had not expected such indignation from a fellow human. “Sorry. The Lord asked me to inform you to be very careful of disobedience and pride. The bible says that God gives grace to the humble and he elbows the proud.”


“Auntie Romi, exactly what they taught us in church on Sund..,”


“Will you shut up?!” Romoke gesticulated as if she wanted to slap the excited Lillian.


“You are terribly in need of something, and God said that He is about to give you that thing you need, but He sees you losing it if you do not drop pride.” Thank you Lord! He was happy he said it at last.


“It is you and your family that will lose everything you have been praying for. It is your generation that will lose everything in life. Stupid!” She started walking off, blaming herself that she waited in the first place. “Lillian, you see what you caused?”


“What?” Lillian shrugged. “The man only told you God’s mind na! Haba!”


“So you think I am proud too?”


“No oo!! At all! Proud keh?” Lillian swallowed. “Don’t mind him jare!” Lillian decided to change the subject entirely. “Please na, auntie Romi, take me to the party tonight!!” She tugged onto her sister as they turned to the left side of the road. They were heading home.


“I am not even sure I am going again sef.” Romoke was still frowning.


“Why na?”


“I was called for an interview at NNPC. Remember the place I went to submit my CV?”


“Oh my God!!” Lillian shouted in excitement.


“Stop shouting jor! We are on the road. See how they are looking at you.” She smirked.


“Someone is finally getting a job!!”


“Yes o! I am very sure of this job. I was able to check the curriculum vitae of the people that submitted too and I can say I’m the most qualified candidate.”


“Congrats in advance!!” Lillian said as they entered their house through the gate. She left her sister and walked to the other side of the house.



“He is ready for you now.” The secretary smiled. “You can go in.”


“Is this how you treat visitors? Na wa! I have been waiting since morning! What rubbish!!” Romoke looked at the secretary as a junior staff, compared to the position she is about to take.


The secretary was surprised at the lady’s behaviour. “I am sorry, ma’am.”


“Sorry for yourself!” Romoke ogled and walked into the office. “Good afternoon, sir.”

“Good afternoon. Please, have your seat.” The middle aged man tilted his glasses downward to take a very good look at her. He frowned. “I said it.”


“Sir?” Romoke did not understand what he meant. She sat down anyway.


Dr Chuks sat down. He decided to compose himself. “Well,” he picked up her CV, wore his glasses properly and coughed. “Your curriculum vitae are mouth-watering, and I like your profile, very much.”


“Thank you sir!” Romoke was excited. She knew she already got the job.


“However, you do not qualify to work here with us.”


Romoke’s countenance fell immediately. “Sir?” She blinked twice.


“When I saw your picture after my junior assessed all the files, I knew your face was very familiar, but I couldn’t place it until you walked in now. You are the one that made a scene with the young man on the road two days ago.”


“Sir?” Romoke couldn’t make sense of what the old man was saying. “I don’t understand you, sir.”


“You won’t understand. I was fortunate to be in a shop just by the side of the road where you lashed out at the man trying to talk to you.”


Romoke’s memory started forming as she remembered the other day. “Sir, it was a fraudster that was trying to..,”


Dr Chuks shook his head. “And she’s a liar.” He closed Romoke’s CV and handed it to her. “Miss Oshojimi Romoke, you may leave my office now.”


By Okunsanya Abiola





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