1Samuel 3:7- “Now Samuel did not yet know the lord, neither was the word(voice) of God yet revealed unto him”

In the scripture above God had come to visit and speak to Samuel but instead of listening to God he ran to Eli because he felt Eli was calling Him. Samuel had been serving and ministering to the lord already at this time (1Samuel 3:1) but he had never heard God speak until now. The reason why many Christians don’t hear God speak or the way he speaks to us is because we think God speaks in king James format, or we are not worthy of hearing his voice. But the actual truth is the only hindrance is the fact that we are not listening because In 1Samuel3:9b until Samuel said to God “speak for your servant is listening” the lord never came back and the Lord never spoke again because all God wanted from him was to listen.

Christians have forgotten that prayer is communication. We have turned it to a one way speech where we speak to God and do not wait to receive from Him instead we just rush to our daily activities. The place of waiting is the most important part of prayer as it builds our convictions, faith, confidence and hope.
People like Samuel, Moses, Abraham, Paul, Jesus, Daniel, received from God and that’s why they lived by faith on His word and promise and overcame anything in their way.

Today make a decision to listen to God, tell him to speak to you because you want to hear his voice.

By A.J Gbaja

Today, determine to tarry in the secret place and not rush off after talking to him. He wants to talk to you. Follow our social media pages for more edifying contents. Facebook, Twitter and IG @gospelarenaGL