We live in a generation where people want to separate God from their lives. The youth think they can do it on their own, adults are wise in their eyes, and company owners say God is irrelevant, but can we really do anything on our own? It’s a question to ponder on, think on these things. Ask yourself “If God does not exist, if there were no God, what/where would I be?” Here? Definitely not.

We seem to have long forgotten that we were created by this God for a purpose. So, living with Him aside is living a meaningless life, a purposeless life. You can imagine if I spend 100years on earth and involved not God, then I have lived a hundred years without fulfilling purpose. Now ask yourself, did I really live? Well I did, but as an empty matches box.

God is sovereign, He is powerful, He has all power and could have chosen to make us like robots, that He tells us to stand and we do, sit and we do, He could have made us to do just as He wanted but no! He gave us a free will. He wants us to be deliberate about living. Are you deliberate about living? Are you intentional about living?

If Yes, then God has to be involved in everything you do, everywhere, every situation, every challenge, every step, every single thing. From the clothes that we wear, to even the food that we eat, we must let Him take the decisions, we must submit to His will. Just say Yes! God told Elijah to go to a place with no food that a raven would feed him, how realistic does that sound with our human reasoning, but Elijah still did! He stood and obeyed without even asking questions.

Proverbs 3:6 KJV – In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

He didn’t say in half of thy ways or in some of thy ways. No!  He said in all thy ways. The word “all” encompasses so many things, your body, soul and spirit. It’s a case of total surrender. Bishop Oyedepo once said that it is saying eternal NO to self and eternal YES to God. All these things are for our own good.

Psalm 37:5 KJV; Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

Every single thing that tomorrow holds lies in God’s hands and only He has the ability to bring it to pass, your future, your wants, your ways, your desires. The bible says that the ways of a man are before the eyes of the Lord, suffice to say that God actually sees it all but if you leave Him out, then you will have to face it all by yourself. If you refuse to let Him take the wheel, you are putting yourself in trouble.

If you have not gotten to a point in your life where everything that matters to you is God, you wake up and the one voice you want to hear is God’s, you want to take a step or a decision and the first person you want to deliberate with is God, then you are not there yet. I am not even there yet. God is the best, He is a sweet companion who always wants to fellowship with us.

We have a lot to get from Him, there’s more to God than what we have now, and this cannot be it! There’s more, more in God, more dimensions in his Spirit. Only a yielded spirit, one who will allow God take the wheel, can get it. We cannot afford to wait for troubles or problems before involving God, before calling on Him, He has to be our everyday song, your everyday message. It’s in Him that we indeed live, move and have our being.

If we are desperate for God in all facets of our lives, then we have to do desperate things; press in, tarry in His presence, desire Him, and we have to be intentional about it. It’s not going to be easy but it pays! It really does, if God rules your affairs, you have nothing to fear. Bishop Oyedepo once said that “He must be Lord of all or not Lord at all”. He must be the foundation upon which your future must be built.

Charge: Henceforth, hand your affairs over to God and allow Him take the lead.