Victor groaned and opened his eyes at the sound of the alarm. “Oh Lord! I hope it is not morning yet!”. He sighed as he stopped his ringing phone and rolled to the other side of the bed.
It was 6:00am that Monday morning and had a job interview. His fifth job interview since he graduated two years ago.
The alarm rang again, and this time, it was 6:10am. Victor’s interview was scheduled for 9:00am that morning, but he was still struggling to get up from his bed. He had spent the night praying and had only slept two hours ago. He had it settled in his prayers that he was going to get the job. “Whatsoever I bind on earth is bound in heaven!” He had said countless times while praying in tongues.
He managed to sit up on his bed and gave a heavy sigh. Then he knelt down by the side of the bed to pray but was interrupted by the knock on the door.
“I hope you know the time is 6:15?am” His mother said as soon as she opened the door. She didn’t bother to wait for him to respond to her knock.
“I know ma. Good morning ma. I want to say a word of prayer before going to bathe.” Victor responded.
“You were praying all through the night, Victor. Enough of the prayers, are you mentally and physically prepared for the interview? In fact, are you not supposed to have been dressed up by now? You are going all the way to the Island; you know how terrible the traffic can be!” His mother bellyached.
“I know, I’d be done soon. Besides, I am spiritually prepared. I have settled it in the spirit that this is my job. Nothing else counts.”
“Is this not how you have always been spiritually prepared during the past interviews? What have you got to show for it?” She hissed. “Instead of you to..,”
“Mummy!! Are you mocking God right now? The bible said that you must not tempt the Lord your God!” Victor couldn’t believe what his mummy said.
“Have you picked out the clothes you are going to wear to the interview? Have you pressed the clothes?” She changed the topic.
“I will do so after praying. There is still light.”
“I hope you know…,”
“Mummy!” Victor shouted.
“Okay, sorry. I will leave you be.” She shrugged and went out of the room.
Victor carefully took the next thirty minutes praying and thanking God for the success of the job interview. Within those thirty minutes, he had pictured the large office he would be working in and had driven the official car he would be given after the interview. “Thank you Lord, for you are worthy to be glorified. Thank you Adonai! For you are ever faithful. In Jesus name I have prayed, amen.”
By the time he opened his eyes, the first thing his eyes caught was the wall clock. It was already 6:50am, and he had a two and half hours journey ahead of him. Worse still, PHCN had interrupted the light.
It doesn’t matter. He thought. All these things are just mountains that the devil is pushing to me to make me frustrated. It doesn’t matter if I go late, it doesn’t matter if I go with rumpled clothes, Christ is in me, and he has given me victory.
Victor got to the company at exactly 9:32am and walked straight to the receptionist. “Good morning!”
“Good morning sir, how may I help you?” The smiling lady asked.
“I am here for the interview.”
The receptionist frowned and looked at him. He was looking unkempt. His shirt was rough, he had not combed his hair and he looked like he had just taken the link bridge run. He had on a blue shirt fastened with a red tie. “Errm,” she still couldn’t help but observe the file he kept right under his arm and how red his eyes were. “Which interview sir?”
“I submitted my CV online and was contacted for an interview for the position of senior manager of the marketing department.”
“Oh….,” it didn’t sound like he was in the wrong place to the receptionist, but he seemed like it. “But the interview was scheduled for 9:00 sir?” She looked at him narrowly. “Come with me sir.”
Victor was led to a waiting room where six other people were already seated. “Just sign here and have your seat. You would be called when it is your turn.” The receptionist said and left.
Victor looked around the room and noticed how the appearance of the other applicants. Then he scoffed. I will not be intimidated by this. I didn’t want to look this rough, but the devil thinks he can hinder me. I have settled it in the spirit. I am a victor. Then he shut his eyes and started praying silently, loud enough to the hearing of the person sitting next to him.
After one long hour of waiting, he was called in.
“Good morning sir and ma!” He greeted as he stood in front of his interviewers.
“Good morning, Mr Chukwu Victor,” the male interviewer was still looking at his file when he heard the shift of a chair.
Victor was already seated, before he was even asked to sit down. Worse still, he adjusted the chair to his own comfort.
The evidently irritated female interviewer removed her glasses and tightened her lips. “Why are you here, Mr Victor?” She asked.
Victor smiled. How simple his first question was. “Well, I applied for the position of senior manager ma, and I trust my curriculum vitae is suitable for the position and that is why I am here today.” He bowed again.
“So is the CV of more than a thousand applicants, so I ask again, why are you here?” She wasn’t smiling. She believed he had taken the interview for granted, judging from his disposition and attitude.
“I believe I am fit for the position ma.”
“Alright, we will get back to you. Thank you.” The male interviewer spoke up now after observing the scenario.
Victor smiled. He knew he wouldn’t have to stress himself to answer questions. He had already gotten the job. His result was good, so was his spiritual life. “Thank you sir!” He stood up in excitement and made to leave.
“Mr Victor,” the female interviewer called out just before victor got to the entrance.
“Yes ma?” He turned around.
“Is this your first job interview?”
“No ma, it isn’t.”
“Oh, figured. I would give you just a little advice from the goodness of my heart, if this is how you attend interviews, not knowing the slightest manner of etiquette to display in front of interviewers, you may never get a job. Have a nice day sir.”
But Victor had seen his office and car in the spiritual realm? What happened? Did God lie?
Many of we Christians, like Victor, are in the business of making God look unfaithful, making Him look like a liar. We think it is all about praying, casting out yokes and binding demons that we forget to do the littlest things on our part. We rely on the tongues we speak so much that we don’t listen to our physical environment and observe the things we should learn to succeed.
The problem with the world today is that we expect God to move in us and through us when we ourselves are not ready to move.
Victor is an ignorant Christian, don’t be like victor.
© 2018
By Abiola Okunsanya,

God wants you to completely trust him. He desires you pray about all things but not at the detriment of your intellect or works. The Bible says faith without works is dead. There is a need to play your part while expecting him to be faithful enough to play his. Follow our social media pages for more contents ( facebook:, twitter and instagram: @gospelarenagl)