“When you bring others to God, don’t do so to a church but to the Cross, for it is only when they are aligned with the Cross that they would be part of the Church”

I’m a Catholic and I am used to having people walk up to me to invite me to their churches. I have accepted some invitations because I do enjoy being in the presence of God regardless of the Christian denomination. However I have come to notice that not evangelists do not preach Christ, they preach their church or their pastors and when it’s discovered that you are not a member of their church and you have no intention of being part of the said church you would receive the backlash you never expected from a Christian.

I’m used to this and it has ceased to bother me. However when I read my devotional today something jumped out to me. In 1Corinthians, Paul was faced with the annoying task of having to reunite a church divided by talks of who baptized who and who preaches best. I can only imagine how shocked he was, in 1 Corinthians 1:17 he says “For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel—not with wisdom and eloquence, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power” and he warned them that the church is about the Cross, about Christ and not about us.

Today, I believe all Christians should know this. Whole it’s not a bad idea to want someone to worship at your church, it is however not right to badger someone to worship at your church simply because you want the church to grow while forgetting that their spiritual life is of paramount importance. What’s the point of inviting someone to your church and being unbothered as to whether or not they have a close knit relationship with God. Evangelism isn’t about just making your church populated, it’s about telling the unsaved about Christ and bringing this person home, it’s about being a beacon of light and hope just as Christ wants us to be.
So, if you are going evangelising next time, don’t try to force your opinion on anyone; instead listen and understand them. Don’t try to force your church on anyone; instead draw them to the light of Christ and to the miracle of his death on the Cross. Shalom!

By Eboseremen Ailenotor

When you evangelise, it shouldn’t be about you or the church you attend but about God. It should be about leading the person to the cross not your sanctuary. We hope you’ve been blessed by this. Do follow our social media accounts for more edifying contents (facebook- facebook.com/gospelarenagl, twitter and IG @gospelarenagl).

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