My name is Gbaja Adeoluwa Joseph. Born initially to Mr and Mrs. Gbaja Kolawole Patrick now Pastor and Pastor Mrs. among two other amazing siblings. From childhood I was declared a crisis child because I was coming out and going into different kinds of sicknesses. Today it was convulsions, tomorrow strange fever, boils, diarrhea, cholera, malaria and pain. I remember a time I got so sick that the recommendation was that I avoid water after food for as long as I can because I couldn’t retain food without throwing up. Used to my condition already there were times my parents left me at home with maids, relatives and other times by myself while my siblings went to school, wrote exams, church or other fun outings and that was the beginning of what I’d call an Encounter!! On one of those days that I was left alone as usual, water got exhausted in our house and I needed to use the bathroom so I asked God to please give me some water to use and when he delayed I just continued singing worship songs in the bathroom and suddenly water started gushing from the tap just across the bathroom and I took water till I was satisfied and the water stopped. I didn’t realize that this is called a Miracle, I just knew I asked Him for a favor like I would ask my Dad and He did it for me.

On one Sunday, they were about to leave me at home as usual but Pastor Chris was ministering on TV and the time came for him to pray for the sick so with my older brother’s encouragement I got connected to the prayer and instantly I was healed. I could eat, take liquid and also went to church that day. That was the end of my condition and after this I got visitations from angels in my dream, always had dreams of the rapture and the return of Christ which were always so frightening but at the same time I counted myself privileged and special to have these encounters cause they started when I was barely 5-6 years old.

As I grew I drifted from God, His Knowledge and His love. I began to see the dreams and encounters as burdens now. I wanted to explore, enjoy myself, be wayward and join my self with the world which I ended up doing. At this time my parents were already pastors and the power of God was so great in their ministry but I just didn’t think that I could be close to God again until I got to Crawford University, here I met great devoted people of God like Bro now Pastor Bimbo especially, Daniel Asaya now first ever Black Bournemouth University SUG President, Gideon Okuazun now CEO Jaiye Networks and Nwoko Chukwudi my ever caring Association President, Department’s Guide and a Professor in the making. They kept preaching, speaking, talking to me, praying for me, and bringing messages directly from Jesus to me almost everyday but I kept struggling with sin and lust.

On one of the holidays I went for a Crusade with my parents and I surrendered my life to Jesus. I began to pray better and listen to the word of God frequently and God began to give me clearer and more specific Revelations. Before this event I was on a Second Class Lower Degree grade but I went back to school for 200 level and it was like I was given a new brain and mind. I had A’s in all my courses, ended up having 4 consecutive 5.0 GPAs and finally graduated with a 4.53 First Class Degree all the way from a 3.42 or there about.

In the last phase of my testimony I met a man called Tolulekan Shopein who became my roommate, he prayed for me everyday, encouraged me everyday, told me Jesus loved me daily, preached to me and finally God the father visited me Himself in His terrible Majesty. His voice was like thunder and lightening that reduced the mountains to nothing as I stood and watched in revelation Him commanding that I “preach His word, and He will back me up with Signs and Wonders”. I was about returning for my final year when I had this encounter so I obeyed and I started preaching on buses, to friends, on Facebook and in the office during my Industrial Training period. When I got back to Crawford University I came with the presence and anointing of God because terminal and strange diseases such as asthma was healed, the dead came back to life, cases of years long injuries healed, broken and sprained bones healed, cases with the school dissolved and the ones I loved most of all were the revivals that broke out. People were getting saved everywhere, people were getting baptized in the Holy-Ghost, people were being filled and manifesting new spiritual gifts and none was lost among us unlike the previous years.

The Almighty honored me with over ten awards both in and out of Campus within 4 years. I was recently honored as the Face of The Pastors Seeds Forum Mantle Magazine World-Wide, a leader at many levels that I don’t want to bore you with and I am still serving the Lord more than ever before. I preach His Word, prophesy and I am backed by several signs and wonders. All these because I decided to say Yes to Jesus. Why don’t you say Yes to Him today?

I remain Gbaja Adeoluwa Joseph, and this is my story.



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